Adrian Howard, Nice to Meet You

Adrian's Caricature (2)


My name is Adrian Howard. This is my first blog. The original reason I started this blog was to complete class assignments for my Social Media class at Christopher Newport University. Afterward, I kept it to express myself for others to understand who I am as an individual. 

Here is some things about me that may intrigue you:

1. I’m a graduate from Christopher Newport University (CNU) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies.

2. I’m a first degree black belt in Taekwondo..

3. I enjoy baking (from scratch), reading fictional books, lifting weights and walking, watching movies and televison shows, and writing about my personal experiences

4. I’m a Christian who believes God is in control of my life, and is trying to deepen his relationship with Him.

6. Favorite superhero: Spider-Man.

7. Favorite color: green

8. Favorite ice cream flavor(s): chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream

My blog will address a range of topics from my relationship with God to my hobbies and interests, my career aspirations, to my ideal relationship with a woman, and much more!


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