“There’s Always Something”

The movie clip above introduces the Baudelaire children (who become orphans after a fire kills their parents). Violet, the eldest, was a resourceful, bright inventor who knew how to create practical devices from ordinary objects. She believed “there’s always something,” meaning a solution was always available to solve a problem or escape a situation. Case in point:


With only materials from Count Olaf’s car, the Baudelaire orphans managed to avoid a train from killing them. That was smart. I wish I was resourceful as she.

Problem-solving requires using the resources available to fix an issue or escape a dangerous situation. I must be more proficient in problem-solving and being resourceful because people are not going to be present always to help me resolve an issue, leaving me to use my resources and use them effectively. Problems appear everywhere—at home, in the workplace, at school, etc. Part of being self-sufficient is relying on accessible resources  (in whatever form) to solve a problem, meet a requirement, or escape a situation. Creativity is not realized in everyone for some are unsure how to use their resources effectively (let alone know what to do with them)as others are creative in resolving difficulties for they view problems as opportunities to expand their mental capacity.

Part of the reason I’m quick to consult help is I lack self-confidence as I believe the solution is unknown or unavailable. Most problems I face are ones the solution is available to me. I must learn to resolve problems on simple tasks as searching for the solution will, sometimes, involve doing it alone. Otherwise, I seek professional help when necessary.

Violet Baudelaire is not the only resourceful one. Angus MacGyver knows how to extricate himself and others from dangerous situations. Take a look:

Using a body bag and liquid foam, MacGyver and Jack escape a flaming building. Impressive! Who knew liquid foam and a body bag can be used in such a way? 

With Violet’s inventive mind and MacGyver’s expert improvisation, I know “there’s always something.” 


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