Pleasantville (The Movie)

Imagine living in a simple, perfect world–no crime, no discrimination (or any kind), no hate, no violence, no vices, etc. The citizens of Pleasantville lived in such an idyllic world until–

David and Jennifer entered the scene and changed everything.

The Garden of Eden is like that: life was easy and simple–until sin entered. Now, we are broken.

In the movie, Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon’s characters (David and Jennifer) are transported via a magical remote control to a 1950s television show titled “Pleasantville.” There, they realize everything is perfect seemingly–the residents are always friendly, it never rains, events happen always on time, the basketball team never misses a shot, etc.

After entering the show, they follow the script and do and say everything  according to the show’s storyline, but then Jennifer decides to perform sexual intercourse with a cute boy she likes. This one act disrupts the Pleasantville landscape, resulting in new ideas and changed public behavior. Gradually, the people start to undergo color changes and emotional transformations. As David and Jennifer introduce Pleasantville citizens with information from the outside world (and introducing unknown concepts to them such as sex and painting), nothing remains the same–again. The ending reveals the extent of that transformation.

Likewise, once Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, we see the effects of it. 



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