“And now that I’m without your kisses
I’ll be needing stitches”

Received stitches for an injury? 

How does it feel to have your skin punctured with needles?

Uncomfortable, at first, but after time passes, the stitches are painless.

Though I never received stitches, I felt emotional pain in different times in my life: girls rejecting me, losing a friendship, facing ridicule from classmates (mainly, for wearing spectacles), enduring punishment from my parents for misbehavior, and other difficult periods. I understand the emotional discomfort Shawn feels in the song for his lover watches him exude blood as he writhes, gasping for air (“You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe/ Shaking, falling onto my knees”). Believe me, rejection by someone you like is not unfamiliar to me. It hurts to know he or she dislikes and repudiates you. The emotional scars from rejection left me frustrated, disillusioned, and angry because the person I admired didn’t return my affection (I’m left seeing red on my own). Though my negative experiences earned me stitches to cover the emotional pain, they remind me of the discomfort I endured to receive them.


Memories of past friendships haunt me at times, particularly of young girls and women I’ve met (few of whom I will not see again) because they captivated me with their charm and beauty. Accidents such as driving into a basketball hoop, crashing into a car’s rear, or burning my arm on the hot oven have each brought scars in some way–the last two brought physical injuries, albeit minor. They didn’t require stitches, but my body bears the physical scars.

Moments in my life came where I felt worthless based on someone’s assessment of me. I sought friendship, but disdain, condescension, and disgust came instead. The unkind words I received from various people penetrated my heart and led to tears. Regardless of the insult and person delivering it, I sought comfort and reassurance from a trusted person. (I thought that I’ve been hurt before/But no one’s ever left me quite this sore/ Your words cut deeper than a knife/Now I need someone to breathe me back to life).

Regardless of the stitches we may receive, they remind us of the hurt we faced in life.




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