I Want You!

Feel like no one wants to talk to you because they prefer to talk to someone else? Find yourself always initiating the conversation?

I have.

Mostly, at church and other social settings. Even after graduating CNU, I’m unable to get hold of any alumni.

To me, it appears that everyone has formed a close friendship with people in their age group. They not only talk to them on a regular basis, but they spend time together participating in activities, disclosing secrets, and delighting in one another.

Timmy Turner felt a similar sentiment in the episode “Most Wanted Wish.” After being ignored by everyone at school, including his parents (who leave him home to play bingo), Timmy wishes he was the most wanted kid in the world.

“It’s not that people don’t want you (Wanda)…

“..it’s that they want everybody and everything else more”(Cosmo).

The scene that captures my attention the most is all the girls chasing Timmy to his house. This pursuit leaves Timmy with kisses all over his face. I do recall girls paying me attention, but it wasn’t intimate where we did things on a regular basis.  A difference exists between paying attention to someone as you’re with them daily (such as in the workplace) and enjoying their company: the former means you acknowledge that person; the latter entails spending time with them, learning who they are. 

I carry relationships with people within and outside my age group, but they are nowhere near intimate; in the sense, we know each other well enough to be called close. I know people from church, work, and school, but I don’t know them for my relationship with  them is shallow and, in some transactions, distant. I received several Facebook friend requests in the past. Among them from a student  with whom I attended high school. We never did things together outside school, and we don’t do anything now. Why be friends with someone on-line when you have no connection with them in real life? Makes no sense. I can understand if we were distant in geography; that is, if we lived in two separate states, but if are able to meet each other in-person, why not? A balance is required between reality and virtual reality in conducting a friendship. If the whole relationship is done on-line, never in person, it’s not a genuine relationship. Again, if you both are far apart in geography, that’s an exception. That is why I have not accepted the Facebook friend requests I received because I have no real connection with them in the flesh.  

Most days, my relationship with people is routine. I find myself being around the same people each week, learning little to nothing interesting or personal about them. I want to feel like I’m important to someone, especially with a woman I fancy. I can’t say I have a close connection with women I know from anywhere because we know little about each other. As I suggested above, I’m the one who initiates the conversation. If not, no conversation exists. If a conversation does happen, it’s shallow. 

Here is the contradiction: Though I want to have close relationship with people, I prefer they don’t know everything about me. That would be creepy. All I want is a friendship with someone with whom I feel like is a close friend–both men and women. With women particularly, someone who trust me enough to disclose personal matters.

In the end, Timmy learns that everyone wanting him is not all good, especially when the FBI and the police are involved.

Most Wanted Wish episode title




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