Not My Best Friend

Cocker spaniel picture

Cockapoo puppies

Cockapoo puppies


According to society, dogs are man’s best friend. Loyal, friendly, playful, and lovable.

Would I adopt one? NO!

Living with them is annoying and stressful. No offense to dog lovers, but dogs are high maintenance and don’t always offer joy, peace, and happiness to a household or bring the best in people. At least, not in my household. When my mother adopted her first dog, it was a nuisance: barking at everything, trying to lick and sniff me, among other things. It required much love and attention. All dogs do. Needless to tell the relationship I had with him. For my mother, it was a sad experience to see her beloved dog die from a disease (Not sure of what. I wasn’t there when he was put to “sleep.”) I was disappointed more to see my mother cry for her dog’s death than to see the dog leave. I wasn’t happy that he died, but I wasn’t crying. As I stated above, I was absent at the time he was put out. What does that tell you?

Her efforts to rekindle that relationship with her former deceased canine companion led my mother to adopt two dogs. Great! (Sarcastic remark.) If one died, why not adopt two?! (Sarcasm again). These ones are just as troubling as the previous one. Barking at everything, including the doorbell, alarm chime, a dropped item, any one of us entering the house, and, worse yet, when I’m trying to sleep. It’s one thing for those dogs (or any dog) to bark during the day, it’s another for them to do so when I’m trying to sleep. Can you say annoying?! 

A constant issue is the two dogs infiltrating my bedroom. Unless I block it with the provided gate, they enter my space. I shouldn’t need to worry about dogs entering my room because they should not be in the house, period. The gate is annoying by itself, so why have it when I would not need it otherwise? It’s when you’re required to block off certain areas in your house that suggests you may have adopted a pet who demands much supervision and is, potentially, high maintenance, though not necessarily. Side note: hoisting a gate to a room is bothersome since you must step over it or move it aside whenever you enter and exit a room. Ugh!

In my mind, I call them The Misfits because, according to its definition, they don’t belong in my family. I would prefer they were not here. Not die, but run away. I heard some families had dogs who ran away, but I have not had that fortunate experience. My family consists of my parents, younger brother, and myself. No dogs, despite the their presence in the house. In addition to their barking and constant presence, their excretory habits are disgusting. I need not smell their waste whenever I enter my garage (my parents store their waste in a bag in the garage), or see it in my backyard. Reserving grocery and retail bags to store their waste is another irritation. Disgusting! If they were not here, my family would not need salvage these bags for anything.  

Some pets I favor over others. For me, fish and rabbits (or hares and bunnies) rank high on my list of pets to own. With fish, no need to worry about walking them (they have no legs), no need to worry about taking them out to use the restroom (they live in a fish tank, after all), not required to monitor their whereabouts (again, they live in a fish tank or bowl, depending on where you store them), and no noise made from them (they make no sound). The same applies for rabbits, hares, and bunnies, except they would need to roam around occasionally for they need exercise (I will need to monitor its whereabouts since they like to chew on wires, cords, and the like) and no need to take them out to use the bathroom for they can use a litter box. Besides those two differences, fish, rabbits, hares, and bunnies are pets I would prefer to own than “man’s best friend.”   

One last thing, but this is important: learn as much as you can understand about the animal you intend to adopt before doing so as it is an long term investment. Consider your lifestyle, temperament, house, neighborhood, people with whom you live (if you do live with others), and floors (think about how you feel about your animal making a mess of your hardwood floors or carpet).




One thought on “Not My Best Friend

  1. It’s unfortunate that you feel that way about dogs (those in YOUR house) but I respect your feelings. I don’t care for cats or snakes and find them annoying (sorry cat and snake lovers!) Nevertheless, we are all creations of God and put on earth for his purpose.

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