How Does That Make You Feel?

Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Embarrassment, Guilt, Contempt–all of these, among others, constitute our emotions. They help us judge and evaluate people and situations, enable us to express ourselves however we are feeling in a given moment, guides our decisions, and make us unique creatures, along with other functions. Without them, we could not perform the aforementioned functions and it strips us of our humanity. 

Timmy Turner learned this in the episode “Emotion Commotion.”

After facing public embarrassment from getting naked (losing his swimming trucks in the Dimmsdale city swimming pool), Timmy wishes he had no emotions. His non-emotional state leads people to think he’s weird for not reacting to their quips , taunts, or insults, as others use him to perform their work for them. For instance, he’s willing to jump over the Dimmadome on a motorcycle through a flaming hoop between a giant pair of scissors. Under normal circumstances, fear would prevent him from doing such a thing, but his emotionless state allows him to do so–he doesn’t feel anything.  

The episode prompts me to ask: How would I behave if I did not have emotions? It’s scary, once you think about it because it prevents you from thinking with logic, rationale, caution, and common sense, as the episode demonstrated. Despite our emotions holding us back sometimes from doing things we would dare to try, it enables us to consider the consequences of our actions. Imagine if we didn’t think twice about jumping off a cliff without a parachute! Or, running through traffic without looking both ways. In finances, if we had no emotions, we wouldn’t count the benefits and costs on the things we need and wants. With love, we couldn’t express our warm, tender affections toward that significant person.

In the end, Timmy learns his emotions are essential for forming rational, logical decisions …and avoiding dangerous situations. Diving into a lagoon with jagged rocks filled with alligators, piranhas, a whirlpool, and tornado requires someone crazy enough to do such a thing.   




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