Swearing videos

The last video explains why you should swear more. My counterargument: just because you can swear doesn’t mean you should. Because we can smoke cigarettes, does that mean we should? Or, because we can beat up another human being does not give us the right to do so. Among the reasons arguing for swearing is we’re hardwired to curse. No we’re not! We are programmed to speak whatever language we learn at birth, not the profane. It’s equal to saying we’re hardwired to steal: we may be inclined to steal, but we weren’t born to do it. You may grow up in a household where no one swears, attesting to your exposure or non-exposure to it and it depends on one’s upbringing. Moreover, we choose what words we speak, as I stated in “The Power of the Tongue” entry.  Another reason the video advocates is it’s salutary (healthy). It lists these benefits: increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and better sense of well-being. Other ways exist to achieve these effects, such as running, martial arts, or sports (e.g. football.)

Remember: we are in control of our words and must be cautious of who is with us when those words emerge.

One last thing: I included the image below to reinforce one of the reasons (this is listed in the video) people use in favor of profanity: to bond with others. As my previous entries on words explain, I am AGAINST swearing.

cursing is fun picture




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