Grow Up!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan. The boy who never grew up to be an adult. Living as the leader of the Lost Boys on a fictional island named “Neverland,” Peter Pan carries daily adventures with pirates, mermaids, fairies (Tinker Bell), Native Americans, and, occasionally, people outside Neverland.

“You need to grow up!” my mother told me on several occasions. “You need to find your own place, so you can live on your own. It’s important for you find a job and keep it to be a productive citizen in society.” 

“You need to start thinking as an adult,” she adds.

Unlike Peter Pan, I’m not a child, but a grown man. Though I live with my parents, I desire to secure my own place for me to lead a lifestyle. Times arrive when I doubt myself because I feel unprepared or I may fail at forming wise decisions. Lack of self-confidence discourages my ability to solve a problem and make a decision, leading me to seek my parents for advice and affirmation. I must remember I have all the resources available to me; it’s just I need to apply them to solve a problem or form a decision. 

“What are you going to do, when I’m not around?” my mother poses.

What WILL I do?     

Though I’m mature in some areas, I do need to mature in my thinking when deciding how to use my money. Money is one area where my decisions must benefit me. Otherwise, I’m “up a creek without a paddle.” With insufficient funds comes minimal purchases. I can buy only what I can afford and that is frustrating because what I need does not always equate to what my heart desires. Thinking about the future in money expenditures will help me determine if purchasing a specific item will help me meet a need.

Jack movie poster

Similar to Peter Pan, Jack Powell is a 40-year-old man acting like a ten-year-old. His childish behavior is attributed to a rare form of Werner syndrome, a rare form of progeria which causes his internal clock to age him four times faster than normal. In the 1996 film, “Jack,” Robin Williams plays the titular character, acting as a child in an adult body. I neither see myself nor act like a child, but, perhaps, my mentality could use an upgrade. Graduating from all my schools, I have accomplished much, despite setbacks. All I need now is a boost of self-confidence to overcome my self-doubt. Eventually,  I will move in to my own place and live the life I choose (according to God’s plan, of course.)




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