Faith Update

Friday, November 6, 2015: I received a new phone–Samsung Galaxy J1.

Saturday, July 19, 2014: I received a new car–Mazda 3 (same make and model).

What do these two items share? They are upgrades from their former selves. My former green Mazda 3 cast a sleek, bold black look; my silver BlackBerry Pearl morphed into a dark blue Samsung Galaxy J1.

My faith? Needs improvement.

I have technological upgrades, but what about my faith in God.? I wish to feel and behave differently than I was previously. Like a phone and car upgrade, my faith in God should be different from what it was before my salvation. If my new phone and new car looked and operated the same as before with no apparent changes, no upgrade was done. My new nature in Christ should contrast starkly with my former self. Otherwise, I didn’t transform to be more like God.

My life must reflect my spiritual journey for a strong relationship to exist between me and my Lord, and for others to recognize God in me. I wrote in a previous entry about having a faith upgrade; my need for a faith increase in the one and only God.

I failed at that.

My whole being–decisions, thoughts, attitudes, habits, etc.– should align with God’s Word, not with the world for if I’m friends with God, I’m an enemy of the world. Conversely, if I’m friends with the world, I’m an enemy of God (James 4:4). I find myself seeking things that offer me only temporary comfort. I want to observe a dramatic change in my walk with God. For example, my thoughts (read the previous post titled “Pure Thoughts”) need to concentrate on honoring God by serving Him  and serving others. The thoughts I hold are nothing wrong inherently, but they tend to rest on secular concerns (being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is among them) and when worldly concerns haunt my thoughts where I ignore God, it hinders spiritual growth.

My main goal is (and should be) to be conformed to God, denying myself of secular pleasures as I follow Jesus daily through Bible study and practicing His Word (Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23).


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