Web Failure

The scene above showing Peter Parker running down a dark alley to change into his Spider-Man suit impresses me because of the quickness it occurs–thanks to special effects!  His inability to shoot webs as he is swinging puzzles him. Spider-Man’s long fall reminds me of a scene in  “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day” when Alexander is treading his front lawn toward his crush, Becky Gibson, when, unexpectedly, he trips over a water sprinkler head to land on his face. Ouch!  

I think this web malfunction can represent our spiritual journey because when everything is going well, we tend to, or will, ignore God. When things go astray, we cry out to God for a reason it occurred. Peter Parker questioning his web powers malfunction illustrates our calling to God for aid. The second time this occurs, he discovers his eyesight is diminishing, prompting him to visit his doctor. When he does so, the doctor tells him he may not supposed to be Spider-Man (this advice is based on Peter telling him he is Spider-Man–in his dreams!).      

The notion Peter abandoning his Spider-Man persona reveals to us how we can discard a piece of our identity when we believe we are not supposed to be, or no longer supposed to be, that person, after experiencing harsh criticism, an unfortunate event, hearing bad news, or failing to overcome a specific obstacleThe scene below displays Peter Parker running off a building to learn if he re-gained his powers—he didn’t. His shouting “I’m back! I’m back!” signifies his belief he has. Sometimes, when we believe we have everything under our control, an event, situation, or human reminds us we do not.  



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