Tetherball and Volleyball

Tetherball (1)Volleyball (2)

My faith can be compared to two sports: tetherball and volleyball.

Tetherball requires players to be the first one to spin a ball around a pole completely before the opponent does; volleyball involves preventing the opposing team from returning the volley. Both sports demand players to prevent the opposing player or team from returning the ball on their side.

Walking in a straight spiritual path requires faith in God, believing that He will work everything for my good. Tetherball involves one player to hit the ball one way with the opponent hitting it in the opposite direction. To maintain that linear path, I must lean on God’s Word for guidance, protection, and wisdom, among other things. The ball going in one direction represents my walk with God, whereas the ball moving in the opposite direction represents Satan’s attempts to thwart my efforts in achieving God’s divine plan for me. The ball opposing my initial trajectory is a symbol of daily temptations that misalign that journey. Tetherball, therefore, portrays my faith in God.

Volleyball is another such sport as I must maintain control of my spiritual life. Like volleyball players maintaining ball control in preventing the opposing team from returning the volley, I must remain under God’s provision to stay clear of danger. The  ball traveling over the net represents placing my trust in God since I must surrender everything to Him to experience His blessings. Sometimes, the home team is successful in preventing the opposing team from scoring with powerful spikes and strong blocks. Other times, they fail. The opposing team’s success in blocking the home team’s attack represents the devil’s ability to block us from reaching our full potential. He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy.


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