What Women Want


Mel Gibson stars in this 2000 romantic comedy as chauvinist Nick Marshall. Getting electrocuted from a hairdryer after it lands into his bathtub offers Nick the ability to hear women’s thoughts.

Though I will never earn that mind-reading gift, I do wonder the what and why of women’s thinking.  I’ve made mistakes involving my friendships with women. I didn’t understand their negative reaction to my deeds–even when it was complimentary. I neglected to consider the consequences of my benevolent actions because I did them with no malicious, spiteful, or degrading intent. Though I will never understand fully the way a woman’s mind work (it’s complicated), I can learn how they think by gleaning information through conversation about their true feelings and perceptions. I don’t necessarily have to read their minds. All I must do is treat them as human. Talk to them with respect, pay attention to what they are saying, and ask for clarification, if necessary. It is when I (and men, generally) do this that women will disclose what they are thinking. Who say you needs to read their minds? That works only in the movies.

What Women Want movie poster


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