“Hi Becky!” Alexander shouts across his front lawn to his crush Becky Gibson, who is standing outside the car in which they will be riding in to school.

“Hey Alexander!” she replies.

Alexander Cooper treads towards her on his front lawn, smiling, holding his frittata in his left hand.

“Whoa!” Alexander exclaims as he trips over a water sprinkler head, landing face first to the ground.

“Are you okay? she inquires.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine,” he assures her as he stands to wipe off grass from his shirt.

falling on face picture

This movie scene from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day demonstrates the literal act of falling. We fall whenever we are oblivious to where we are walking, or acting absentminded. In Alexander’s case, it was misfortune. Falling is not always literal. In our spiritual walk, we fell from perfection, as Adam and Eve revealed to us in Genesis. They were living in paradise, experiencing the luxury the Garden of Eden offered. When they disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they were banished forever. Now, they suffered the consequences of their decisions.

“Holes” is a film that reminds me of sin and how it entraps us. One scene depicts Stanley Yelnats riding in a school bus to Camp Green Lake. The camera pans out to reveal the thousands of holes excavated by former and present juvenile delinquents. Another scene (shown above) plays Stanley driving into a hole after stealing Mr. Sir’s water truck. The film reminds me of the ease it is to fall into sin, given the multiple temptations we face daily–similar to the thousands of holes the camera angle revealed in one scene of the movie. The holes represent sin and it can be easy or difficult to escape–depending on the hole’s depth. Our sin works that way: some sins are easier to remove than others, but we must be careful where we step because, if not, we can just…….fall in.

Note: skip to the end of the trailer (2:10 onward) to see the thousands of holes.


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