“Counting Stars”

“I feel something so right doing the wrong thing/ I feel something so wrong doing the right thing……Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

These verses appear in OneRepublic’s hit song “Counting Stars” and I interpret them as suggesting we, as humans, sometimes feel no remorse when we engage in sinful (bad) things while regretting doing the right things. We feel numb to our misdeeds for they provide an outlet to practice our detrimental thoughts or desires. The results of those decisions may bring us major or minor pain (on various levels), but not, necessarily, kill us. In fact, what breaks us down makes us stronger, lending credence to the last verse in the above quote. It mimics Kelly Clarkson’s hit single “Stronger” for the concept of gaining strength from adversity appears within the text.

Though doing the right thing brings a clear conscience and positive feelings, regret may result for we sacrificed something to gain a specific skill or characteristic. For example, I may choose to forgo desserts to increase my endurance in maintaining a healthy body. The song is excellent to listen to when strolling along the sidewalk or exercising. I find myself playing it on my phone whenever I activate it.

The music video is great to watch, albeit confusing. How does the therapy session (or whatever it is the group of people are attending) relate to the song?


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