“Every Day”

Every Day novel coverI read a novel titled Every Day for my “Adolescent Literature” English class this fall semester. It was about a sixteen-year-old male named “A” who, for one day, inhabited other teenagers’ bodies. Intriguing! He lived inside both male and female bodies to know how each person conducted themselves, as well as learn how that specific individual treated others and how those people interacted with them.

This novel prompted me to ask this question: If I could inhabit any person’s body (perhaps, multiple bodies), who would it be? I don’t know, I thought, but living inside a woman’s body piques my curiosity. Learning how a woman acts around others (and their reaction to her) would, I believe, be an exciting, yet scary, experience. Exciting, because I learn about her life experiences, but unsettling for I would have to adjust to having female body parts, being discriminated, or labeled with stereotypes. Despite these qualms, carrying a woman’s life for one day can expose me to the various roles and responsibilities assumes, but most important, understand how she expresses herself. How she dresses coupled with the way she walks, talks, and thinks constitute her identity. Though “A” was able to access the person’s memories, he was deprived of their thoughts and emotions. His ability to body-switch allowed him to understand the circumstances under which any given body was subjected. If I had this ability, I would get a first-hand look into the conditions one person endured each day.

I have in mind a few CNU female bodies I would like to inhabit for a day (I will not mention their names for privacy concerns). The women I see daily on campus (in class or ambling on school grounds) appear to be friendly, but I carry a basic and shallow relationship with them, not knowing anything more than their hobbies and interests. Inhabiting their bodies will offer me a better understanding of these select few. If I enjoy being in the body, I could extend my stay (after all, this is a figment of my imagination). The idea of living in someone else’s body intrigues me for it allows one to experience another person’s life while dwelling inside their body. It aligns with the notion of “walking in someone’s else’s shoes.”

I recommend this book for the concept and storyline will interest readers.


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