My Entrees

Days pass where I contemplate abstaining from food. I love food, but sometimes, I overeat when scrumptious food is presented to me. To eliminate bodily toxins, I attempt to fast (voluntarily not eating). My thinking is this: If I don’t eat for several days, I will feel empty of harmful substances, but my body contains bacteria already (good bacteria exists in the stomach). It’s indulging in unhealthy foods or eating too much that prompt me to skip meals to offset the gluttony.

Meatloaf, breaded chicken breasts and thighs; peanut butter and jelly and ham and cheese sandwiches-these are the dishes I find myself dining on regularly. Though I have cooked elaborate meals in years past (Beef Stroganoff, for example), dishes requiring little preparation and time seem to characterize my daily eating experiences.  I assure you, I have cooked other dishes with chicken not being the sole meat product.  Crabcakes I have made on several occasions. Potato dumplings called gnocchi is a food I can say my hands have crafted-twice. Macaroni and cheese with apple sausages topped with a bread crumb crust is yet another dish my taste buds appreciated.  Other dishes I made in the past include Fettuccine Alfredo,  Chicken Tetrazzini, Calzones, and Chicken Dijon, among others.

I know how to cook, it’s just I don’t find cooking an entrée as thrilling as baking.  I wouldn’t want to be a chef for a living, but a pastry chef.  Though knowing how to cook a variety of entrées is essential when living on my own, baking is what I enjoy the most.

Here are pictures:

Breaded Chicken Breasts (3) CrabcakesFetttuccine Alfredo (1)Apple -Sausage Macaroni & Cheese (1) Potato Gnocchi Beef Straganoff (1)


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