Saturday Bang

I took my baby on a Saturday bang.

My cell phone rang in my ears as it played one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs Black or White.

I love that line, I thought as I sprinted the sidewalk, which lined Hampton Roads Center Parkway. Headed toward Meridian Parkside Apartments, I imagined this scene:

Rushing up the aisle toward the exit, I spotted Kirsten Burt and Trent Whitehead sitting together in the back row of the  Gaines Theater. I stopped to say hello.

“Hey Trent, Kirsten,” I greeted.

“Hey,” they responded in unison.

“How are you, Adrian?” Kirsten asked, looking directly at me.

“I’m fine” I replied, giving her eye contact , but I shifted my attention to Trent afterward.

“Hey Trent. I have a question for you.”

“Yeah?” he asked.

“May I make a suggestion about where to dine out tonight?” I probed.

“Okay,” he expressed.

“You should go to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch or dinner. They have delicious food, and a pleasant atmosphere. I recommend that place because, I believe that is a great place to take a pretty girl on a date.”

Trent laughs as he glances at Kirsten. “Oh, really? Thanks. I haven’t been there before.”

“I’m telling you this so…(I leaned in closer to him to whisper)… you can take your baby on a Saturday bang,” I laughed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused.

“In other words, you can take a former Kecoughtan Warrior cheerleader (motioning my head to his girlfriend Kirsten) out on a date,” I explained. “She works at Mama’s Rosa’s,” I added, still whispering.

My eyes rested on Kirsten, her white teeth in full display.  I returned the smile. My eyes focused back to Trent, smiling at him, implying he take the brunette sitting next to him.

“You follow me?” I asked Trent.


“Good.  Pleasure seeing you two again.”

“Bye” I uttered as I departed the Gaines Theater.

“Bye” Kirsten said, with a smile.

The above scene settled in my mind for a long time and I wanted to, finally, write about it. The verse I find  original and more catchy than saying “You can take your wife or girlfriend out Saturday.” The upbeat tempo accompaniment is captivating for it encourages me to, one day, say it to a male or female person (or to myself), suggesting him or her to take out  his or her significant other on a date.

I always portrayed myself saying the line as I strut out a room full of college students.



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