Friends I Have Made

Alone in my bedroom, I reflect on the people I met at CNU. During my time at Christopher Newport University, I encountered an assortment of friendly individuals whom I would desire to know better.  Among these individuals is Camila Alassam. With long black hair flowing past her shoulders with a bright smile, her warm demeanor inivites me in for conversation.  I remember a time when she asked me if I was willing to drive her to Coastal Church one Sunday morning. Sure! I thought to myself.  The idea of taking her to church enlivened me for driving a girl in my green Mazda 3 was a rare occassion.

As we rode toward church on 17, she revealed to me she was Iraqi. Didn’t know that about her! Always questioned her ethnic background.  We chatted about mundane things, like hobbies and interests.  I don’t exactly remember what we discussed, but what I do remember vividly is the warm feeling I received to have her there sitting beside me in mi carro (Spanish for my car).  Camila isn’t the sole girl I had ride in my car. I would talk about this other girl, but, sadly, we are no longer friends.

Here is a picture of us at Panera Bread:

Camila Alaasam & Adrian

Is she not pretty?

Not only do Camila and I attend Coastal Church, she attended CNU. She is a recent graduate with a Psychology Degree with a Communications Minor. I met Camila officially in Dr. Abbe Depretis’ Rhetoric class. Now, she lives in San Diego, California.


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