Blog #4-Social Media Presence

Everyone who uses social media carries some form of influence and recognition among users. Jordin Sparks is one of them.

Beginning as an aspiring-unknown- singer at 17 years old, Jordin Sparks auditioned for Season 6 of television singing competition “American Idol”. In the end, she won! Since then, she has strived to achieve in both music and film. Her latest film titled “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”, she has proven to herself- and to others -she can not only sing, but act. As she stars in a movie that follows two abandoned children, she posts on Facebook an inspirational quote that relates to the movie, “We all make mistakes, we all have differences, but one thing you should know, help is not a bad thing. Don’t be afraid. No one is perfect.” This quote serves to remind us, though we are different from each other, we all make errors in life and we shouldn’t hesistate to ask for help. 

For her fans to be stay informed of her recent life choices, Jordin has joined Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; possibly more.  With 2,955,299 likes on Facebook, Jordin has surely made herself conspicuous with photos of family and close friends, links to her new music albums and music videos, updates on major projects, charity fundraisers, starring roles in upcoming films, and her recent relationship with R&B artist Jason Derulo.  With a lighthearted and happy tone, she expresses gratitude about her life, family and friends, movie co-workers (“I wrapped filming The Grace of Jake. Loved the cast & crew & made some great friends! I can’t wait 2 see this story edited!) and organizations she sponsors. One such philanthropic organization which is a member is “I’m M.A.D. Are You?” M.A.D. stands for Making a Difference, and the campaign has taken on a variety of causes ranging from child health and cancer prevention, to humanitarian aid and youth organizations. Founded in 2009 by Jordin and her younger brother P.J, M.A.D is a nonprofit organization that strives to incite teens and young adults to exert a positive change in communities; the willingness and strength to fight for which they are passionate.   

With 24,185 tweets and 3,899,630 followers, Jordin sure has a gigantic number of people interested in her life. Her tweets mainly consist of the times she has with her boyfriend and family members, her football viewing habits, exercising at the gym; among other things. Her Facebook page tells a different story, though regarding posts, it’s not much different.  Although Jordin has plenty of people commenting on her movie roles, dress style, her vocals, and philantrophy, her Twitter feeds reveals she has no replies! Based on this, she lacks feedback to those comments for I see minimal interaction with her fans and other people close to her. I believe for her to make herself more engaging with her fans, she must respond to her followers. Though Jordin has a wide social presence, I think that if she were to communicate more-through posts, not just through video-with her audience, she would appear, perhaps, more engaging since she would be participating in conversation.

Her website,, advertises what she has done recently and in the past. One recent accomplishment of Jordin is the debut of her song “Christmastime to Me” on the “The Best Man Holiday” film soundtrack. One can watch interview videos of Jordin, learn about her involvement with  M.A.D, listen and watch her latest music videos, view pictures at award shows, and much more.


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