Blog #3-Media Usage Hours

On Monday, September 31, 2013, I recorded my media usage and found media comprised a majority of my time. From 8:00 a.m to 10:20 p.m. media devices summoned me to use them to satisfy a “need” through performing their specific function.

Whenever I wake up in the morning, I find myself playing my iPod stereo, listening to the upbeat sounds of my favorite artists.  Additionally, I run my eyes on my cell phone to check for e-mail and text messages for this seems to be my normal morning routine. Occasionally,  I switch on the television to catch news stories making headlines, but I don’t usually turn it on as much as my iPod and phone. 

On this particular day, I visited the Internet to compose a message on my CNU e-mail to Mrs. Camara Jacobs about postponing an exam. Though I wanted to avoid the Internet for this assignment, this was an important message to send.  I don’t visit the Internet until after arriving to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Traveling on the road to school, I listen to my mix CD (this happens whenever I drive anywhere). My mix CD is filled with my favorite tunes to which I enjoy comfortably, soothing my ears.

Once on campus, I head toward McMurran Hall to begin my first class: Persuasion. Dr. Steiner will have a sheet on the screen, detailing the many aspects of persuasion.  Afterward, I go to my Sociology class where Dr. Manton will have PowerPoint slides displaying her lecture notes. Coupled with this, I use my laptop to transcribe the notes. The Powerpoint slides are there every class session to introduce the class to new terms and concepts. After I’m dismissed, I retreat to Luter Business Hall to study and complete homework assignments. My laptop is my constant companion for I carry it with me wherever I go on campus, used mainly for homework and sometimes, leisure. Working on a Powerpoint presentation for my Social Media class, my computer helps me in creating an engaging, informative discussion about YouTube.

After doing homework, I travel on the road again homebound, while listening to my mix CD. Upon my arrival, I record an episode of “Lucky 7” on our DVR.  My busy school schedule requires me to record television shows to watch at a more convenient time.  After eating some cake and doing some household chores, I resort back to my computer to check my e-mail and compose some messages before my 6:00 p.m work shift. (I always find myself checking my e-mail for I receive important messages frequently).  When my shift is over, I head to the gym for a vigorous workout.  With T.V screens lining the top shelf above the treadmills, ellipticals, and weights, I glance up to them displaying various channels-from sitcoms, world and entertainment news, sports, and the like. Though I hardly listen to the television while exercising, I’m still exposed to it for its in my presence. My earphones blast my favorite music as I’m riding on the elliptical bikes.  Finishing lifting weights and running on the elliptical, I head home for the last time, with my mix CD playing in the background (again) as I ponder on today’s events.

Though it would be great to escape technology ocassionally to see how my life would function, the problem is……. technology is ubiquitous.  To escape technology is almost impossible for the reason I stated in the previous sentence. Cell phones, iPods, CD players, television, radio, and all other forms of media surround us, rendering us users of its powerful influence in society. As I mentioned before, I can’t help but tune in to my mix CD as I drive on the road. I believe if technology was stripped away from us, we would struggle to survive since its ingrained in our lifestyles. How could we live!?


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