Blog #1-Social Media Usage

Social Media offers me to connect with friends, post videos, photos, and messages, and comment on others content.

Among my social networking sites, I use Facebook primarily to stay connected with fellow CNU students- and other students from different schools- to occassionally view what they are doing or what they have done lately. It offers me an outlet to communicate with them- through messages or comments–about anything I want them to know for this makes me feel engaged in a particular community. Additionally, the ability to post pictures and videos affords me to upload pictures of my homemade desserts and post videos of my friends in fun, interesting moments. Viewing their front pages reveals to me who they are as individuals. Though I don’t check my Facebook page regularly, I receive notifications on my cell phone to see what my friends have posted. It’s user-friendly format, design and appearance, coupled with the ability to post any content I choose on both my Facebook page and my friends, is one of the reasons I use it as as my social network.

With a Klout score of 11, I don’t exert much influence-that will change. Despite the low score, I have posted content which people have commented, such as a recent video I uploaded on Facebook of one of my friends at a birthday party. I usually comment on my friends Facebook pictures when I feel it draws my attention or it captivates me in a unique way.
Unlike Facebook, my LinkedIn account is more of a business platform to help advance my job search. I try to use LinkedIn to view how I compare with others in the job market and to see for what employers-previous and current-my connections have worked. The struggle to secure employment is difficult, partly because I’m selective about for whom I work and what the job entails.


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