Back to School

My first two days back in school went great! I met my professors who introduced me to the class, explaining what the course would entail. I also met some new students.

Entering my junior year, I was a bit apprehensive about what the new fall semester would bring.  As the summer ended, questions loomed inside my mind: “What will my teachers be like?” What new students will I meet?”  Despite these feelings of uncertainty, I embraced the new semester with curiosity and interest.

My fall class schedule consists of four courses: Persuasion, Linguistics, Sociology, and Communication and Social Media.  Among my professors is Dr. Mark Steiner, teaching the art of persuasion. The day before our first class, I copied and pasted an internet picture with the defintion of persuasion, which read: “Persuasion: the art of getting what you want.” I never thought of persuasion as such, but considering that we persuade others to convince them our beliefs are right, this definition is not entirely inaccurate.

Another professor I have this semster is Professor Jennifer Billinson, addressing social media and its impact on how we communicate with each other.  I think this class is going to be fun, since we are required to write blogs, watch videos of T.V shows and movies, address society’s role in shaping the way we think,  and discuss technology’s influence on our communication styles.

Well, that’s all for now, but once the semester brings new experiences, I’ll share some stories with you.


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